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We have a new Jack Russell female (now 7 months) who we have introduced to our 11 year old (both Jack Russell, both female) who were getting along fine the last 5 months. We introduced a new male kitten two weeks ago and have been very proactive in the introductions which have been working really well until tonight. I think we may have done something wrong separating the introductions (thoughts of 2 Jack Russells against a kitten). The younger who is probably vying for dominance has been vicious over a joint meeting of the kitten to the point of attacking the elder female dog and drawing blood and will not back off even after they have been separated. We have had to isolate their sleeping arrangements tonight (as they always sleep together), want to nip this in the bud asap before it esculates. Any help appreciated.

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May 28, 2012
by: Terry

It definitely sounds like a dominance issue secondary to having the new cat in the mix. You, as the owner have to step in and be the alpha. However, because blood was drawn I am very concerned. It may be best to call in a pet behavior specialist to help you deal with this situation before someone gets hurt. Until that time I would always supervise them.
This link provides some nice details about suggestions and what to do:
Hope that helps! Let us know how things go.

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