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play fight

by john

can u have play fight or be rough with a jack russell

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Aug 28, 2013
we play fight all the time!
by: Jemma

If you are firm with your JRT and teach him his place in the house (the difference in right and wrong) you should have no problem play fighting with them.

We have 2 JRTs aged 4 and 10 months and we play with them all the time - always coming down to their level on the floor. Whenever you feel they are getting too excited or rough, make a loud noise to them - i always say ah! gentle and they calm down straight away.

they love play fighting so play with your JRT and bond! :)

Jul 15, 2013
Play fight
by: James

Jack Russell's are easily excitable. By getting them too revved up they might get excited and do some biting. By teaching them to fight even in play can be bad later on when you want him or her to be calm.

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