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Play Fighting is it ok

by Jennifer Y
(Montreal, Canada)

I have two Jack Russel's they are brother and sister. They get along very well. They even share a crate. The female calms the male. However lately when let outside they have begun to play rough with one another to the point of grabbing onto to each other's ears or back leg to pull the other down. No blood has been drawn or injury has occurred. Is it a dominance game? Do I let them continue or do i stop it?

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May 03, 2013
Play Fighting
by: Mike


Our JRT's do that all the time, a lot of it is one trying to be boss of the other and they are just sorting that out in a dog way. My two have been doing that for the last 10 minuets and as I write this they are led across me fast asleep on each other.

The only thing is that when your not there with them I would keep them apart although next to each other as you just don't know what might happen left to their own devices.


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