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Please help :(

by ChristianB

So I was outside with my jack russell chihuahua mix, it's snowing and she is a big baby about the snow so she tried to avoid it. It was time to go potty an she refused to go so I slid her Into the snow she was on her left side. When she went potty and came out she was hopping but she was lifting her right leg so the complete opposite side.. She ran up the stairs fine hopped up playfully kept jumping from
Bed to the couch and was as playful and normal as can be and ran to me while we started getting out the treats but now and then she is lifting the right hind leg. No cries no wimpers nothing. Like I said It wasn't a throw at all I just slid her in the snow and she was on her left side but the leg affected or she is favoring is the right.... She is my little baby please help :( she is 2 years old.

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Jan 02, 2015
Figured it out no worries
by: ChristianB

She is fine it was either a sprain or small tissue damage she was fine and not limping 2 days after I contacted doctors and got this resolved

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