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Please Help - 9wk Jack Russell Female

by Joseph K.
(Ottawa, Canada)

PLEASE HELP!! I'm a first time dog owner and need some help

I took Roxy home when she was 8 weeks old. She was the best little puppy, a little shy at first but eventually was really affectionate and always wanted to sit on my lap.

At about 9 weeks though she has become a little shy, wont come when she's called, not peeing on her puppy pads, scratching and nibbling on her paws and tail.

She loves to chew on things and when playing fetch sometimes she wont come back to me, she'll get her toy and runs to her crate. She used to always come to me before.

Also I tried several times to put on her collar and most times in the middle of play time she will stop to scratch her collar. She wont walk if I have her on a leash. She'll just sit and try to pull off the collar and leash. I wanna get her on a leash so I can start walking her outside to do her business but also since its winter, it may be too cold to take her out.

I kinda looks like she gets scared sometimes and runs into her crate or a corner. She does get excited if I leave for a bit and come back. She licks me all over and even nibbles on my face and ears.

Is this normal behavior for a jack russell? Do they go through mood swings?

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Dec 12, 2011
9 week old
by: aj

Hi, she sounds like she's trying to get to know you and she's just a little baby. Give her a lot of love and attention and sweet talking and she'll come around. Give her a chance to trust you, be patient with her and greatly reward her when she does something you like. Wow, nine weeks how precious I layed my jack on my chest every night till he fell asleep, lol. Who said Jacks can't be lap dogs...mine is.

Good luck,,

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