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Please Help Me! He's Not Sociable/Aggressive/always Scared!

by Tory

When we purchased Jack, we should have known something was up! He cried ALL the way home, he was scared of all the dogs at the dog park, and screamed if they came in 10 feet of him, he always acted as if we were gonna beat him at all times, he took FOEVER to housebreak, but he is great now, he acts aggressive to people and dgos he does not know, even though he has been in Petsmart's training classes and graduated. He acts like they are killing him when they cut his nails, they always say..." do you touch his paws?" and we massage his paws all the time. we are so embarrassed. we feel horrible for him too, but we are at our wits end as it were. It is putting a huge strain on our marriage as well, WHAT CAN WE DO??? we were told not all dogs like people and other dogs, but this is crazy! HELP!!!!

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Aug 21, 2011
Jack Russell troubles
by: Tracy

Wow! I'm so sorry to hear about your Jack troubles. I think at this point you may need a pet behavior therapist.....there are books and techniques you can do to help your dog BUT if it's putting your marriage (and sanity) in question then I would go to for the big guns. Do some internet research to find one in your area or call your local JRT club or International association of dog behavior consultants to see if they know of someone.

Hope things get better soon!

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