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please help

by laura underwood

i have had my jack russel sandy for about 3years and she has been good as gold she was 11months when we got her we rescued her as she was being neglected by her old owner. we showed her affection and grew a strong bond with her, so she is now well trained. Sandy is a really affectionate dog with me she loves to be cuddled and picked up, but over the last couple of months she has got really touchy. I picked her up the other day and she snapped at my hands and growled, which she has never done before. My husband is the main target for sandy's biting he will stroke her and she will snap or he will just sit next to her and she goes for his face. We went on our honeymoon and left her with my dad for a week, while we were away she bit my dads friend when he bent down to stroke her, which ended in him having a tatanus! i dont want to get rid of sandy she is really like a best friend, but we are wanting to try for a baby but fear she will get jealous. we have got another dog which is a shih zu who she is really protective over, my partner shows a little more affection to this new dog in which i think sandy doesnt like as she sometimes forces herself onto my husband. i am really confused with her behaviour. please help

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Apr 10, 2012
by: Deborah

She sounds like she is very protective and jealous over you I do know that some Jacks just take over there owner and this sounds exactly what is going on.I would get a trainer in to work with you and your new husband.Jacks are very loyal.I have 2 boy Jacks and Elvis my 4 year old used to be so aggressive and not socialized at all,and I pet sit out of my home and Elvis has really come a long way and I was fearfull about getting another Jack and a boy also but when we got Patch which we just rescued about 5 months ago now they had there moments but now they are such good buddies.It really sounds like since you saved her from the abuse she has attached hersalf to you and you only.Jacks are really like that and Im sure with some help she will get over the aggression but Please get a trainer in and they will help you through it.
Good Luck and please let me know how it goes here is my email address

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