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Please help

by Sarah Ryce

Hi i have two jack russells bitch 4 months male 6 months.
I have tried create traininng and everything to try and get them to toliet outside. i woke up this morning to six poos and numerous wee's. Am at the point where am breaking down in tears cause i feel all i do all day and night is clean up there toilets. They are walked four times a day and inbetween this they are in the garden. i take them out and they go inthe garden but as soon as they come home they toliet in the house.
I have been considering given the bitch to my friend but its breaking my heart as they are great together and my kids get really upset with the thought of this but am going to end up divourced if i dont do something its causeing me so much stress. PLEASE HELP.

Thanks Sarah

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Sep 30, 2012
Jack puppies peeing in the house
by: Jane

First, make sure you get a special enzyme based cleaner because dogs tend to revisit spots and will pee again if they can smell any trace of evidence (sold in pet stores).

At 4 and 6 months they are still kind of young and definitely not potty trained yet. You are expecting a lot from them. It sounds like you should go back to the basics of potty training. Even though they are in the garden and out for walks, maybe they need to have longer walks? And on more frequent walks (versus being in the garden). I would also have edible rewards and give it to them immediately when they make outside while you are walking them.

Also, you may want to think about limiting their reign of the house. The crate doesn't work for all dogs for many reasons - the crate could be too big or too small, or too hard or too soft. It's hard to know why. But you could try keeping them in one space like the kitchen with a puppy gate.

Be patient, they are very young! And you can always try again with the crate training as they get older.

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