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Please help

by Sue
(Widnes cheshire england)

I have rescued a year old jack Russell that I don't know anything about

I've never had jack russells before so would appreciate some advice

He is scared of cars when out walking and refuses to walk

Seens he is a own dog he sleeps for very long periods of time. If he's not asleep he wants to be on my knee being cuddled

Also the first few days we had him he ate all his food very quickly. Now he just picks little bits and I'm worried as he needs to put weight on. I have him on royal canin small bites

Please help

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Dec 30, 2013
Rescued a Jack Russell
by: Jenny

Thanks for rescuing a Jack!! I hope you and your Jack have gotten to know each other and have been bonding. It sound like it.
I think for anyone, going to a new home or a new place takes a little bit of an adjustment. And your Jack is no different. He needs some time to adjust to his new feeding schedule and food. He may be going through some separation anxiety as well. And it's hard to know what kind of an environment a rescue dog has come from - it could have been a bad situation.

Jacks are usually energetic so if he doesn't perk up in a few weeks in can't hurt to get him check out by a vet to make sure nothing is medically wrong.

And I would suggest enrolling in an obedience class. It's a great way to bond with your dog plus help him to socialize with other dogs. And it will help his confidence when he learns to follow commands.

When you go on your walks, I would bring a yummy treat with you like baked chicken for your walks. Hold one out to him so that he has to take a step and then reward him with the chicken (a small piece). And gradually increase the distance to see if that helps him overcome his fear of the cars.

Hope that helps. Best wishes!

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