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Please help!

by clive

our four year old male JR ( normally very loving and has never bitten etc) has recently started growling if we put our face close to his .
he used to love this close affection and cuddles etc
i know its nuts to some folk, but we often give him a kiss on the side of his face.
He has always liked this ( or seemed to)
Now, he growls...
Is this known to the form, as a problem that develops?
If so, is it known why?

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Feb 17, 2014
Jack Russell growling
by: Frank

Growling is a means of communication and it usually means you are one step away from your dog's bite threshold. It seems that your Jack for some reason or another doesn't like you near his face - so while I know you love kissing him (and it is not strange to kiss the side of his face!) I would stop doing it! Is there anything else that sets him off? Has there been any changes or stress in his life? Keep in mind that stress causes aggression, and stressors are cumulative; it’s not just the immediate stimulus that caused the growl, but a combination of all the stressors he’s experienced. This explains why he may growl at you today when you do something, but he didn’t growl last week when you did the exact same thing. The more stressors you can remove overall, the less likely he is to growl the next time you do whatever it was that elicited the growl this time. If stopping the kisses stops the growling then I wouldn't worry too much. However if there are other things that start setting him off then it might make sense to check with your vet to see if there is anything physically bothering him. And if there isn't then you might consider getting a pet behaviorist involved so that things don't get worse.
Hope this helps!

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