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Good morning,

Im probably asking what I already know the answer is, but I am probably clinging to hope that my old dog still has some time left.

We took her as an estimated 10 month old from a Rescue Centre on New Years Eve 1996, hence we mad her birthday date February 14th ( Valentines Day ). She has been a great dog, good with people but feisty towards other dogs with a great personality. Walked everyday and well fed, loved and a real dog in terms of loving being active, never worn dog coats etc.

Coming up to 17, I appreciate she is an old dog but she still manages and looks forwards to her walks everyday, albeit they are slower. She is now 90% deaf, has had cataracts for some time but can still see and when spotting a squirrel on our garen fence 30 meters away can still sprint like Usain Bolt.

She`s always been house clean and would always hold on how ever long she was left.

Recently she has been doing her stools overnight on the kitchen floor and Ive noticed they have blood running through them in a mucus type liquid. She often stands and stares into space, quite bad smelling flatulence and very bad breath. However, she has had for several months now an ever increasing appetitite and is always looking and scavenging for food. She is overweight and the more she gets I feel makes her worst in the conditions mentioned above.

Is it time for me to consider taking her to the vet and ask if she should be put to sleep. We all love her and will miss her terribly but I dont want her to feel like she is suffering. She still enjoys her walks and food but apart from that she does little during her day but amble around aimlessly. Your opinion would be appreciated.



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Feb 08, 2013
My heart goes out to you
by: Paddy's Mom

For me, the consideration, that is critical is this. Is your dog suffering? Ask the Vet! They are the best to answer that question. You've been a great dog owner obviously. it won't hurt to have one more exam, and give her a little more time. She's earned it.

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