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pooing by my door

by ali
(worcestershire england)

ok so i have a house trained 5 month old jrt.she is going out of her way to come straight in from outside and poo by my front door.she knows it is naughty and runs straight into her crate.i have got the get off spray which helps but as soon as the nasty smell goes she does it again.i have only had to apply this once for other dogs.

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Jan 22, 2012
Jack going in house
by: Becky

It sounds like she is not completely house trained if she is doing that. You need to go through remedial house training steps with her, go back to basics.

First of all, buy a good enzyme based cleaner from the pet store or your vet. Dogs have sensitive noses and tend to mark the same spots over and over. Also, give your puppy limited range of the house until you can fully trust her. Don't punish her when she goes - yelling at her and scaring her could make things worse, plus she is still very young. If she does poop inside, take it outside and bring her with you. Then let her smell it. Try to bring her to that spot first each time you go out. The trick is to make your puppy’s walk a reward for eliminating. Bring the puppy on leash to your chosen elimination spot and just stand there. Do nothing, say nothing. Give the puppy 2 or 3 minutes to eliminate. If she does, praise her warmly and take her for a walk. If she doesn’t, just bring her back inside without comment, and crate her or keep her on leash next to you. Ten to 15 minutes later, bring her outside and try again. Sooner or later she’ll pee and/or poop and earn her walk reward. Result: she learns to evacuate her bladder and bowels as soon as she’s outside, because that’s how she gets walks.

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