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by Ann

My jack russell puppy is 9 weeks old. She keeps coming inside and pooying on my carpets eventhough she was just outside. Why does she do that?

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Mar 18, 2012
Pooping in cage
by: Peter

To anonymous- how frequently are you taking him out? Maybe you need to increase the frequency. Do you have the enzyme based cleaner? If your Jack can smell even a trace of poop, he will go there again. Is the crate possibly too big for him/too small for him and making him nervous? These are all possibilities. But also, he is really young and probably just getting used to everything....I'm sure with patience and consistence he will get the hang of it. Hang in there :-)

Mar 17, 2012
pooying puppy
by: Anonymous

I just got an 8 weeek old jack,and i have crated him since we got him,but he does poo in his crate.Everything I have read says they won't do that. Obviously I am doing something wrong even though I let him outside frequently.Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank You.

Mar 16, 2012
Dog pooping in the house
by: Jennifer

Your little guy is so young, he is just learning the ropes. You will probably spend many weeks house training until he finally gets it. Make sure you go to the pet store and buy enzyme based cleaner so that the smell completely goes away (otherwise, the puppy can smell it and will want to poop on there again). You can take the poop outside and then everytime you take your Jack out, take him to the poop spot so he can smell it and it will remind him that he is supposed to do it outside. I agree with Deborah, having a crate and/or a doggie den is a great way for a puppy to learn. He won't make where he sleeps. Some people think crating is cruel but many dogs love the feeling of having a safe place to go to.
During the early weeks and months you have to be vigilant and always be supervising your pup, at any signs that he might poop, grab him and bring him outside. Chin up! We have all been through this with our pups. It takes a few weeks/months but he will get the hang of it!

Mar 15, 2012
by: Deborah

It sounds like you may need to crate the baby I have 2 Jacks and one of mine used to roll in the poop and thank god he does not do it anymore I think it used to make him feel like a big boy LOL.Has your Jack ever been crated they use it as a security thing and they will never most of the time poop in there home.

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