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Portuguese Podengo Owner

Is it true that a breeder that raises "Shorty, Irish or English Jack Russell's" have dogs that are much calmer and more suited for pet homes than a "regular" Jack Russell? I've seen numerous breeder websites that make this claim and am wondering if it is legitimate! We have a 4 year old male Podengo who is about 10lbs. His buddy, our other sweet little Podengo, passed away a couple of months ago. We are deciding whether to be a 2 dog family again, if so, it would be a female. We live in the Pacific Northwest and have always been interested in Jacks but steered clear because of their super-hyper reputation. Our neighbor had one who was hyper also. The poor girl was on a long lead attached to a 4' chain link fence and somehow jumped over the fence and was hung. That was a sad day in our neighborhood. Anyway, I am wondering if it is true that the Irish Jack's behavior is quite a bit different?

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Feb 18, 2014
Jack Russell shorty temperament.
by: Eric

So sorry about your other Podengo, it's always hard to lose a family member. From what I hear, it is legitimate, and my friend who has a shorty would agree. The Irish Jack Russell is a strain of Jack Russell Terrier that has been bred to emphasize shorter legs and a calm temperament. The Irish Jack breeders have attempted to breed out the hunting instinct from the their breeding lines, resulting in a calmer dog which is more suitable as a pet for most families than the typical working-dog Jack Russell. I bet a shorty would be a great addition with your other Podengo. If you do get a new puppy, make sure to introduce the new to the old very slowly so both have time to get adjusted. Best of luck with your decision!

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