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potty training help

by kati

We have a 4 month old male jack russell who we love dearly but he has some house training issues. We've had him for over 2 months now and at first he was doing really well but now it seems he's regressed. He keeps pooping in the house and he's peed on our bed several times now! Very frustrating, feel like we've tried everything please help!

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Feb 20, 2013
Jack Russell potty training
by: Frank

4 months is still very young for him to be completely potty trained. But it does sound like you need to go back to basics. Have you tried putting him on a very strict schedule where you take him out every hour on the hour and after eating, drinking, or playing. Also, if you can't have full attention on the pup, he needs to be confined or at least very close by your side to avoid an accident. When our pup goes out in the morning first thing, comes in, has breakfast, chases a ball around for about 10 minutes and then back out we go. Once he eliminates in the yard he immediately gets a treat, we go for a walk as a reward, get home, wait in the yard again at which point he will usually go, and back in the house. At this point, I have to get breakfast going for my little humans who are just now waking up, since the husband isn't likely to actually get out of bed for another half hour or so. Rather than popping him back in the crate for this, I secure his leash to the cabinet, he can stay close, I can keep an eye on him, and everyone is happy. After breakfast is cooked for kids, Winston goes back outside to go potty, comes in for a cuddle, and then goes to his crate with a stuffed Kong while I get the kids dressed and pack a lunch for the husband. About an hour later, back outside, come in for a game of tug of war and some fetch, outside again, back in the crate. Another hour, back outside, 20 minutes of training exercises, back in the crate. He's out the entire time the kids are napping because I can focus entirely on him, after nap we all go for a walk unless the weather is too unpleasant for the kids, in which case Winston and I will go alone when the husband gets home from work.

Don't give up hope but make sure you are consistent with your Jack and that he gets plenty of praise and rewards when he goes outside. Also, make sure you buy a pet based disinfectant from your local pet shop to use inside your house for any and all accidents otherwise your dog will be able to "sniff" whatever he has done previously no matter how hard you scrub.

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