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Potty Training

I am having an awful problem potty training my Female Jack Russell, she continually poops on one side bed in my room and has peed on my couch n me, how when I take her outside sometimes she pees, mostly sniffs and looks for sticks to chew on.

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Apr 10, 2015
Jack Russell potty training
by: Robert

That sounds awful, it's never fun cleaning up the messes. How old is your Jack? Puppies can take longer than you think to potty train. First of all, I would not let your Jack on your bed or couch! Limit the space where she can roam to cut down on accidents. Then you need to get enzymatic cleaner from your local pet store(regular cleaner won't get out the smell that your Jack can detect). I would then put your Jack on a very strict schedule and take her out every few hours(depending on how old she is you might need to take her out more frequently). See if that helps!

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