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The Pug Jack Russell mix, sometimes called a Jack Pug Russell or Jug, is a small dog with a very curious look. Pugs have a very distinct appearance and a loveable personality. Pugs tend to be short and muscular dogs. The main physical difference between a Pug and a Jack Russell is the face. The Pug is a very ancient breed - like the Shih Tzu, it was bred to be a companion dog for Chinese royalty and monks in the distant past. Modern Pugs have the well-known "scrunched up" face with a very short muzzle and lots of skin folds.

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Pug Jack Russell Traits and Care

Pugs are playful and cheeky. They are historically more of a companion dog than the Jack Russell. They were bred to be lapdogs, not workers. So a Jack Pug Russell will sometimes show more of a tendency towards cuddling up than a purebred Jack Russell, constantly going 90 miles a minute.

Pugs have softer, smoother coats than Jack Russells. They come in several different coat colors, but usually the coat is dominated by one main color.

Pug dog in playful mood.

The Pug stands at an average height of between 10 and 14 inches (25.4-35.6cm). Males tend to be a little larger than females. The Jack Russell stands between 10 and 15 inches (25.4-38.1cm). The size of a Jack Pug Russell will depend on the height of the parents and their gender. Average Pug weight is similar to that of the Jack Russell, and generally a Jack Russell Pug won't weigh in anywhere outside the range of 13 to 20 pounds (6-9kg).

As with all Jack Russell Terrier mixes you should keep an eye for for some of these Jack Russell characteristics:

  • strong hunting instinct
  • sense of humor
  • high stamina
  • excitability
  • independence
  • impressive physical strength
  • affectionate

As well as a few distinctive Pug traits:

  • curled up tail
  • companion dog
  • short muzzle on wrinkled-looking face
  • cheeky personality
  • easy to keep under control

What Are The Benefits And Downsides of a Pug Jack Russell Mix?

Consider a Jack Russell Pug for a pet if you don't think you can handle the non-stop action of the purebred Jack Russell, or if you live in an apartment. Pugs are very much a people-dog, whereas Jack Russells are often more preoccupied with the furry little animal on the other side of the park. A Jack Russell Pug may show some of the pep of a purebred JRT, while also showing more of a lapdog quality. As always, you'll have to check out the personality of an individual pup before you decide whether it's more like a Pug or more like a Jack Russell.

Note: The shorter muzzle of the Pug means less protection for the face, which means they are vulnerable to eye wounds and other problems. There are also some breathing illnesses which are common in Pugs. If you own or want to own a Pug/JRT, it's important to have a good knowledge of the type of training these dogs require. Read my free special report to make sure you avoid all the major training mistakes.

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