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puppies at Camp!

by Jenne Tomlinson

My dogs had to go to camp. They eat walls so that is how we put them to camp, that was the fist time. The second time because we were moving to another house the dogs got in our way so we had to take them to camp.

My cat Kevin loves to fight with the dogs. Kevin always gives Henry scratches. My cat Kevin can open doors, he is so smart. Back to my dogs, well Henry is a mommy's boy. I forget Harley, he is a bad boy, he eats the walls and the doors, they pee on the floor every time we put them upstairs.

So we put up the baby gate and they never ever got upstairs again Harley opens the gate by pushing on the gate. Harley always jumps the gate outside. The first time Harley jumped the gate was the time a frog was in our neighbor's yard. Harley got mad so he jumped the fence. And the time I found out was when I knocked on my friend's door and she said that she will be out in ten min's so I was going to tell my mom something and I saw harly in Jessica's backyard barking at the frog, so I knocked on Jessica's door really fast, she opened the door and I told her and she ran out with her mom and M got my mom and they all ran out in Jessica's backyard.

And my mom got Harley back in our backyard. Jessica was trying to catch the frog but it hopped away she was going to keep it till it hopped away, she was going to put it in a cage. It was so smelly and gross, we had it in Jessica's hand's and she let go of it and it hopped away.

Harley was a baby when he jumped the fence. We got the dogs at Pet Kare. Henry hates rain he thinks it is hard to run in the rain because there is mud everywhere and he slips and gets all muddy so my mom loves to give the dogs a bath.

Harley loves the rain he likes geting all muddy and mom has to give the dogs a bath. Henry is good around dogs, well he is good arond big dogs because he thinks they will beat him up, around litte dogs he acts like a a bully because he is bigger then them.

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Oct 25, 2011
Jack Russell stories
by: Yael

I love all your stories about your Jack Russell's. I bet they keep you very busy, especially when they dirty from playing in the mud!

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