Puppy Adoption - Is It
Right For You?

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Puppy adoption is a great way to bring a dog into your life and avoid a lot of the costs and hassles involved with buying a pup. It's also a chance to give a new life to a puppy that may not otherwise have much to look forward to in its future. If you're trying to decide whether you should adopt a dog or a puppy, there are a few important things to consider.

Should You Adopt a Puppy?

  1. Do you have the time for a puppy? Puppies need a lot of attention and training. If you work long hours and live alone, a Jack Russell puppy (in fact, a Jack Russell in general) is not right for you.
  2. Are you prepared to pay for the pup's vaccinations and trips to the vet if it hasn't already had them? A rescue pup will still work out to be less expensive than a bought pup, but if money is a factor you may want to opt for an older dog that has already had its vaccinations and is in good health.
  3. It's easier to bond with a puppy from an early age, which means training will be easier. It's still possible to bond with an older dog, but it may take a little longer and you may need to train out bad habits. Still, puppy training requires patience. It may be easier to search for a rescue Jack Russell that is already obedient. Behavior problems in rescue dogs are usually due to a lack of socialization, and this is easier to fix with a pup than with an older dog. You need to examine dogs closely and make a decision based on their temperament and personality.

A Double Blessing

Puppy adoption is a great option for anyone who thinks their life would be enriched by the presence of a Jack Russell. And remember - you're saving its little life, too. You may be a guardian angel for a Jack Russell pup that's down on its luck.

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