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Puppy biting other dogs

by Edwin
(Santa Barbara, CA)

I just got my 3 month old JRT yesterday. I took him to my friend's house and he has two dogs. A chow and a mix. At first he was fine then after he started chasing the small mixed one around the back yard. When he finally reached him he keeps biting and nipping at him to the point where the other dog started to growl at him. Then I took him to Petco and he will snap when he sees a dog and he starts to growl. He 3 months!!! Is this normal? How do I correct this problem?

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Jun 28, 2011
Socializing JRT
by: Anonymous

Your Jack is so young and hasn't had much experience yet with other dogs, especially ones that are bigger with him. This could be his way of exploring and playing. However, we don't want him to be scared of bigger dogs. Sounds like he needs a little exposure in short spurts with just one dog at a time. Maybe taking him back to your friends house with only one dog present and just for a little bit. Also, starting with training and learning of commands will establish you as the pack leader and will help later on when you are socializing him and walking him on his leash.

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