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Here is my selection of the top puppy games online. All of these games are free or have a free trial.

Puppy Games Online: Adventure Games

Puppy Fetch Game

Imagine a puppy version of Super Mario. That's pretty much what this game is. You are a puppy in search of a stick to fetch. You run along a platform-style game screen, jumping over obstacles and avoiding cats and bulldogs. When you find the stick, you have to bring it back to your owner, which is some sort of odd-looking bear-creature.

This game is actually a lot of fun, but there are only 10 levels so it's over pretty quickly. The levels all have a unique theme – there's a forest, a beach, even a level played on clouds.

Rating: 3.5/5

Pup World

This is one of the best free online puppy games you’ll find. It's an adventure game where you have to guide your puppy through certain tasks, like helping his owner post a letter or buy a CD. You have to avoid distractions, like kids on skateboards and noisy street performers. Your puppy has an intelligence bar, which acts like a health bar in most games. When you get a bone or complete a task, your intelligence bar fills up. When you let the puppy get distracted or run into people, the intelligence bar goes down, and when it get to empty you "lose a life." You can sprint past distractions by clicking and holding the left mouse button.

You get to choose a name for your puppy, as well as his coat color and collar color. Completing tasks earns you new dog tags.

The graphics are pretty good for an online game. The background music gets annoying pretty quickly, but you can turn it off.

Rating: 4/5

Poor Puppy

This is another platform game similar to the Puppy Fetch Game. The idea behind this one is that you’re a puppy who has been abducted by aliens and you’re fighting your way through the alien planet, apparently to find the family baby and return to Earth (although it never actually tells you this in the game). The puppy character is tall and thin and doesn’t look remotely like a puppy. Also the controls are a little sensitive and the puppy moves too fast, meaning it’s easy to fall down holes.

The standard platform game features appear: dodge the bad guys, try not to fall down holes, and collect goodies along the way. The advantages over the Puppy Fetch game include power-ups, such as becoming a Superdog that can fly for a limited time.

Overall I found the lack of control in the game to be off-putting, but a platform fan with more patience than me might find it fun.

Rating: 2.5/5

Puppy Games Online: Puzzle Games

I Lost My Puppy

This is a detective game where you have to track down lost puppies. At the beginning of each level you will see a photo of the puppy you have to find. You’ll then see a field of puppies and you have to click on the right one. It’s essentially a memory game. You can look at the photo again, but only for a limited amount of time. When your photo time runs out, the game is over. If you find the right puppy, you’re rewarded with some points and a big lick on the face.

The dogs differ in appearance for things like eye color, nose size and ear shape. As you get to higher levels, there are more puppies and they begin to look more similar, increasing the difficulty.

This is a decent game if you like memory tests, but it gets boring pretty quickly and there's not much replay value.

Rating: 2.5/5

Jack Russell

This is a game about a Jack Russell! You have to help the Jack Russell get to his food bowl. You can play the Jack Russell game right here on Jack Russell Lover.

Rating: 5/5 – but of course I’m biased.

Puppy Games Online: Sports Games

Puppy Curling

This is a sports game where you have to push puppies along the court towards a bullseye. Whoever has the most puppies closest to the middle at the end of the round gets points for that number of puppies. You can play against the computer or against a friend.

While the gameplay is quite fun, I found the graphics and sound effects quite ridiculous. The puppies look like overly stupid cartoon characters. They growl, fart and urinate. I wouldn’t recommend the game for kids and I’d suggest you avoid it if you’re a serious animal lover. But it is one of the only multiplayer online puppy games, so if you want a game to play with a friend take a look at this one.

Rating: 1/5

Puppy Racers

While the Puppy Fetch Game is Super Mario with puppies, this is Mario Kart with puppies. Choose your puppy racer, choose a tournament to race in and away you go. Of the virtual puppy games online which I've played, this is the only good racing game I've come across. You race around tracks in various settings, collecting points along the way and shooting bones at the puppies ahead of you. You win tournament points depending on where you place in each race, and the racer with the most points at the end of the tournament wins.

Of all the free online puppy games here, this one has the most replay value. You could play it again and again, and the challenge increases as you unlock new tracks. The only problem is your hand might start to get tired. Very addictive.

Rating: 4.5/5

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