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puppy started messing in house

by Rob Palmer
(Poole, Dorset, UK)

Please help, Lucy, my 8 month bitch was fine in the house training department until a few weeks ago she started pooing in the house. I have taken her out walked her and she has done her business, but then when she comes in will mess. To top it all in the last couple days she has started to deliberatly urinate after comming in.
How can I get her out of this?

There has been no change in routine, she even watches me clean it up.........wagging her tail!!!!

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Aug 23, 2011
Remedial housetraining 101
by: Frank

Our dog was doing that too. You need to do remedial housetraining.....frequent long walks, praise/treat when makes outside. Sometimes obedience training is good too because it teaches the dog confidence. Make sure you buy an enzyme based cleaner to get out the smell - you can get it at a pet store or probably your vet. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and will revisit a spot they can sniff out.

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