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questions about Rowdy, a Jack Russell Terrier who is a handful!

by Betty

My name is Betty I live in North hills ca and im inlove with my four legged son his name is Rowdy, he's a JRT. I hope ur book can help me as the owner and rowdy, I hope I don't bore u.

I came across your web site and saw your video, I kinda feel like I've given up on him he's a great dog very very smart and funny.

But my boy is something else its like he's not really a dog he's more like a little human. He has his own personality he shakes his head telling me 'no' wen I tell him something he doesn't like or want and its adorably hilarious.

He has barking behavior and due to his ancestors he loves to digg which drove my pop crazy. I've tried wearing him out but he's just so full of energy. A veterinarian told me to fix him but I don't want his Mann hood taken away because I would like another rowdy in the future but haven't found a full breed JRT. I also went to Petco and am going to purchase a barking collar for him but im un decisive i don't want to hurt the little guy. What do u think I should do?��

I am going to purchase your book and I thank u for your help soon to be. @ my door step.

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Oct 19, 2011
terrier who is a handful
by: sharon

I have a 15 year old Jack Russell. I looked into this website because James wakes us up to go out and immediately on coming back to the boat proceeds to go into non stop barking and looking for his ball which obviously wakes us up early daily. We had him castrated and did not help a bit.
Save your money. Had him castrated when he was about 1 year old.

Aug 02, 2011
Don't torture your dog.
by: Anonymous

Please don't use a bark collar. Please reconsider. Bark collars are inhumane.

Jun 27, 2011
Neutering JRT
by: Jennie

I know you don't really want to fix him....but that might help you in the long run. Think about it. It really helped our JRT's behavior

Jun 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi Betty,
Sounds like Rowdy is pretty "rowdy" :-) You are right due to their history, JRT's can be prone to barking. However, a well trained dog usually does not. Sometimes constant barking is a symptom of a bigger picture. And sometimes these collars can cause bigger behavioral issues. It's better to have a calm well trained dog with the collar as a last resort. Since you already got the book, try the techniques in there and be very consistent with Rowdy. I hope the book helps you. Keep us posted on your success and definitely post a picture of Rowdy in our photo page!

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