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I have a Jack Russell Terrier who has just turned 2. She has always been excitable when people come to the door and as we have a lot of little children in the family we have been training her to sit when some knocks and then walking to her bed. It's hard work but I'm sure we'll get there eventually! My concern is that since we have started to do this when someone knocks she is incredibly jumpy the rest of the time. She constantly barks at the slightest noise outside and if she is unable to see out of the window she runs to the front door and slams against it. I'm wondering if there is anything we can do to calm down her incessant barking?!?!

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Feb 20, 2014
Jack barking at door
by: Tricia

I'm wondering if you need to work on commands a bit more. Have you taken her obedience school? That an help. The catch is that you need to work on commands a little bit everyday and usually in combination with a high value treat (something that she really really likes). One of the commands you can work on is "quiet". Once she has mastered some of the commands in a class and then at home, you can work on commands in conjunction with someone knocking at the door. Make sure you have treats in hand. Practice by having someone in the family knock on the door. That way when it happens with strangers your Jack will be more prepared.

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