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Rash on Sid

by Jan

I have a 5 year old male rough-coat JR. Since he was young he has had a sporadic rash (no spots just redness) which often starts at his tail and back legs. I had noticed that he had a brownish/red patch showing through his fur on his buttocks a few weeks ago, despite us using Dermopt shampoo every 6-8 weeks. I had him clipped for the first time 2 weeks ago to make it easier to see the problem and make bathing more effective but within days his tail and rear end were very red and sore looking. The vet gave him steroids and antibiotics and a flea treatment. Another vet told us several years ago that Sid had demodectic mange (but I don't think he did scrapes). It seems the problem is sporadic and we can often tell he's about to become sore as he loses interest in food. Any ideas please?

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