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really worried for her

i have 2 jacks a boy and a girl.
the girl is weeing every night she is 8 yrs old now. we have had blood tests done to check for abnormaities such as diabeties and other nasties. she has had her uterus scanned and all okay there.
she continues to play with the boy jack and does not appear in pain. but without fail she will drink the entire water bowl every night a wee because of it.
she swells up into a ball. i am at a loss, the vets cannot find anything wrong with her?

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Apr 13, 2015
Dog's stomach is swelling up
by: Valerie

So sorry you and your Jack are going through this!
It could be a uterine infection about to rupture, a spleen or liver bleeding into the abdomen, bleeding due to ingestion of mouse poison, fluid from liver or heart failure, or Cushing’s disease, a hormonal disease of the adrenal gland.
There is no condition that would cause a harmless enlargement of the belly, except possibly excessive digestive gas or an episode of overeating. I'm hoping the vet finds something and gets your girl better soon. Any word yet on what is could be?

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