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Rear left leg spasm

Hello my adopted 9/10 yr old Jack Russell bitch Penny has developed a left rear leg twitch just today. The twitch randomly occurs when she stands or is lying down and does not seem to cause her pain and she can still walk and run as normal. does anyone have a clue what is going on with her as i am concerned that it may be neural issue.

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Apr 10, 2015
Jack Russell foot twitching
by: Brian

I'm glad Penny isn't in any pain. If you don't think she has any other illnesses due to other symptoms or history, it doesn't sound life-threatening, just strange. You may want to rest her up a bit and see if that changes anything. If it continues, it couldn't hurt to make a trip to the vet.
I like this guide to a neurological examination:

Have you checked the foot positioning reflex (I don't remember the official name of it, sorry, but it is some sort of proprioception or limb awareness test), where you fold the dog's foot so that the top of the toes touch the ground instead of the paw pad side and see if they know to turn their foot the right direction? That would be a good test to do, to see if she's able to tell where her feet are. That would be a really good test to try now, while you're still seeing this twitching, in case her twitching improves before her vet visit. That's often a test for neurological issues.

Hope it's really just nothing though!

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