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by michele

I've got an 14 mths old female jack russell.
she was good at recall until she got to 8 mths old and that day at 8 mths she spotted some small birds and took off after them and nothing i could do or say would make her come back,we were about half a mile from a road but after chasing these birds she found a gap in the fence and ran out into the road during rush hour, luckily i did manage to catch her before she was killed.
She has not been off the lead since then and have noticed even on long lead she still pays interest in birds and i have been trying to improve her recall in the home.

Some people say they think she would be ok to be let off the lead but i am so frightened to and do not feel i will ever trust her enough. But at the same i feel so guilty that she does not get any free run and would love to let her off again.

She is a shy dog who is nervous of people and other dogs while out but she hides rather than barks and usually within 10 mins would probably play with another dog.

I usually take her out for long walks which last 2/3 hours.

I really dont know what the best thing to do anymore?
Oh another thing she will only walk properly if i have company and was like this straight away from a puppy so do not understand how to get her to walk properly as sometimes i do not have company. Thanks.

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Feb 01, 2012
by: Jenna

Birds are very tempting for our little Jacks!! It sounds like your girl is not ready to be off leash just yet. It sounds like you need to start off smaller with practicing recall. Maybe start in your house again working up to bigger distances and even different rooms, then work up to a small fenced yard area, then maybe with other dogs present - like training classes. Actually that might be good for her because that would target the walking issue you were referring to and it would get in some socialization so that it won't take her as long to warm up to other dogs.
Also, is there a fenced in dog park nearby you that you could take her?
Many owners would love to let their dogs off leash but can't because they know they would run wild....I know I can't, mine would head for the hills! As they mature though it could be an option, your girl is still so young and probably easily distracted by the birds!

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