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Recipe for Jacks and all other doggies

by Deborah
(Sarasota Florida)

This pic is after my Jacks get done with there food LOL

Im sharing this easy and Healthy and best of all you make it all in the CrockPot
Please share this with anyone with doggies it is super and great and easy to make and your dogs will just LOVE it so much!Here it is below!

This is all the ingrediants,Crockpot
Whole Chicken cut in half
Chicken Liver a whole Package
Can of Pumpkin
Fresh green beans Package
Package of Baby Carrots
Package of Yellow Squash
Pkg Celery
2 Sweet Potatos cut up
I sometimes put Broccili in it too you can mix and change all the veggie and you can even add fruit like Apples,Pears etc.
You start with putting in the whole chicken both halfs and then you put in the Carrots,Chicken Livers,Can of Pumpkin,Sweet Potatos and then you put as much water as you can to fill it up and them you let that cook for about 8 hours and I keep draining the fat out every so often
After that you cut up and wash all the veggies and put in the Celery,Squash and then I wait tgill about 1 hour before it is done and then you put in the green beans my 3 like the Green Beans crunchy
You cook it a total of 12 to 13 hours and it freezes well I use it as I need it .It lasts me a wek or 9 day for 3 doggies!

Good Luck and let me know when you make it?


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Feb 27, 2012
by: Deborah

Please let me know when you make it I have alot of people making this for there doggies.I got ther recipe from a Vet and it is so easy and so so healthy...Here is my email address to email me right to me
Please let me know how your baby likes the food?

Feb 25, 2012
by: Phil

Hi Debbie,
Thanks a lot for sharing this and the helpful tips. I will get attempt to make this tomorrow in our Crockpot. My Jacks are not very particular when it comes to food so I'm sure they will love this and I will love it as well since I know they will be getting lots of healthy homemade ingredients.

Love the picture by the way. The angle on the picture makes it looks like they share the same body!

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