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rehome a dog and it keeps on bitting his self

by shelby

a few days ago we rehomed a dog and since we rehomed him he keeps on biting his legs and they look a bit red from where he has been bitting them.he hasnt got ticks or fleas. is there anythink we can do to stop it? and why he might be doing it?

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Mar 14, 2012
rehome a dog and it keeps on bitting his self
by: Robbin's Rescued Russells

The above advice sounds right on the money. You can also try purchasing a "Thunder Shirt". It is a coat and helps dogs who suffer from anxiety. If you Google "Thundershirts for Dogs" you will find many links.


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Feb 20, 2012
Dog biting himself
by: Jennifer

It sounds like the re homing caused a little stress/anxiety. Any scratching, chewing and licking a dog starts to do to his body should be a call to action. When a dog has a physical or anxiety problem, self-mutilation can make it worse. As a habit, it can do terrible damage. I would see to redirect his behavior by giving him another means to seek comfort - like a chew toy, especially one like a kong that you can stuff with peanut butter and biscuits and will distract your dog for awhile while he eats it (you can even freeze it so that it will keep him occupied longer). I would look into getting one of the those cone collars so that your dog can't get to his feet while any sores might heal as well as get ointment to cover the area. They also sell cream that is bitter tasting that you can put on the area as a deterrent as well.
Hope that helps!

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