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rehomed two male jrs both 3 yr old

by steve pursglove
(leicestershire UK )

i have just taken on 2 male dogs 3 yr olds . one has settled really in a short period ( 2days ) unfortunatley the other more dominant one is another story, we are unable to get a lead on him , he wont come anywhere near us he has bitten me on a couple of occasions while trying to get a lead on ... ( my fault i accept as he dosent know me and would have been terrified ) a new home new smells strange people ...... and everything else accociated with a move , he wasnt this aggresive at his previous home , i would really appreciate any advice and guidance that is out there , as i am sure we are not the first people to be going through this

also keen not to adopt the wrong approach in these early days and risk doing long term harm ,

so please help

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Apr 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

We rescued two males as well but at different times, so the first was used to us when the second came home. I'd suggest separating them for some time if you have the space, and give each individual attention to get to know you before they have to figure out who is going to be the "pack leader".
A lot for a little fellow to deal with all at once. Believe it or not ours sorted out the leader problem with a pooping contest on our living room carpet in the middle of the night.
7 piles of poop, no kidding !!!
There was never any cuddling until now, at 13 and 14 years of age. I just posted their picture under TOO OLD TO CARE. You are in for lots of fun !!!! PATIENCE !!! Good luck!!

Mar 12, 2013
positive approach to lead training.
by: Monleish Jack Russell Terriers

You say he was NOT THIS agressive in his previous home, did you get any background on his behaviour? Is it just pure aggression or fear of all these new things, if I was you I would try a positive approach, put a collar on and try to just touch his collar first, call him, reward if he comes, then once that is ok try to touch the collar, if he allows that without showing fear, reward that, repeat 3 times, several times a day, once he is comfortable with that move to next stage of clipping lead on, remove lead then reward, again repeat 3 times several times a day and move on from there. It will take time but positive reinforcment training works brilliantly for fear aggressive dogs. Have patience and work by making small steps towards getting a lead on, its all got to be a positive experience for you dog. Hope this helps

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