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Rescued 5 month Jack Russell x and now over excited & biting

by Vanessa
(Sydney, Australia)

Hiya, my husband and I rescued a jack Russell x and for the first couple of days he was playing but also calmed down at night to watch TV with us now it's a week and all he wants to do is bite and chew anything hands, shoes, grass, feet and we try to direct it to his toys but then he chews for a bit then runs and jumps and jumps which we take as a lot of energy so we play fetch and get him to play with his Kong but after we try to calm him down and take him inside to the tv room to settle in and sleep he just won't stop? We love our Archie boy but we miss the lap time he used to do too? Any suggestions?

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Jan 06, 2015
Hyperactive Jack Russell
by: Jenna

Your Jack probably feels a lot more comfortable now and is showing his true colors. You have done a wonderful thing by rescuing him! He probably does have boundless energy since he is still a puppy. I bet taking an obedience class may be a good way to harness some of that. You can then practice the commands at home with him. Also, he may need more and longer walks then the average puppy to wear him out at night. He just might need a little time before he settles back in again and is calm enough to sit on laps.

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