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Rescued 6-8 month Jack Russel Mix Continually Pooping in House

by Mindy
(Yuma, Arizona)

We found this puppy about 3 months ago and decided to keep her. We have a 2 year old Australlian Shepherd/Queensland Heeler also. We are home with the dogs a lot so they are taken out continually throughout the day. Our Queensland will ask to go out if she needs to. Our Jack Russell poops in the house. She has several locations she lines to use. She doesn't necessarily even try to hide. I have raised well trained dogs my whole life and fostered many. I have never ran into this issue before. I have tried only praise, "no", spray bottles, repeatedly going out, even just focusing on her to see if I could tell her cues or signs. She has been to the vet and is perfectly healthy. Any ideas?

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Feb 21, 2014
Jack Russell pooping in the house
by: Daniel

Because you found her you don't know what her life was like before you got her. She is still so young, I wouldn't get discouraged. If she poops, I would take her outside with the poop. I would place the poop down and let her sniff it. Then give her a treat. I would continuously do this and take her to this spot each time you go out. I would also limit her space in the house so there are less places for her to go. Also, make sure you have enzymatic cleaner but regular cleaners do not erase the scent of poop for dogs. Make sure you take the puppy out right after dinner, that is a prime time for pooping. Using a spray bottle in counter intuitive and is a punishment for a dog who is only a puppy.

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