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Rich H

by Rich H
(Springfield IL.)

Just got a 1 year old JRT Female. The problem we have is I think she thinks she can only pee & poo in her crate.
We are just 3 days in to owning her, and second time for
poo in the crate.
Today she had 2 good meals, many walks, 10PM just came in from a nice walk,(small pee no poo) tucked her in the crate
for bed, went in to brush teeth and she pees and poos the crate. How do you brake this? She has spent alot of time in a crate till now.

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Feb 18, 2014
Jack Russell peeing in crate
by: Francine

Congrats on your new pup! It's unusual for a dog to pee/poo where she sleeps, that is usually the last place a dog would go. Since you got her at an older age per say, it's hard to know what kind of background she had prior. Maybe she was kept all day in a crate and not really walked so she would just go in there. I think you will need to do basic potty training with her and take her out hourly on very scheduled short walks. If she goes in the crate, I would take the poo outside and have her sniff it out there. Also, give her rewards for going outside. You will also need to get an enzyme based cleaner - regular cleaners won't completely get the smell out (you can get these at a pet store or on Amazon) and consistently clean out her crate if she goes. It might take a few weeks but I'm sure she will catch on.

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