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by Rob
(South Wales)

I have 3 dogs. Ruby, a 4 yr old springer spaniel bitch and Jack and George, 2 male 1 yr old JRT litter-mates. The dogs generally get on fine with each other, play-fighting or sleeping together. However, George, the smallest of the JRTs is very aggressive towards other dogs when he is on the leash. At home he a is very quiet, affectionate dog, even appearing to be the peace-maker when things start getting rough, and he doesn't seem to be as aggressive when outside if he is running free. My question is this. On at least 3 occasions George has grabbed another dog by the nose hard enough to draw blood. No growling, just grab and hold. It's not like fighting, just like holding on for grim death. Is he doing this out of fear in an attempt to prevent the other dog biting him? What can I do to arrest this behaviour before I end up in trouble? Should I invest in a muzzle?
I did take him to puppy classes when he was 4 months old but it didn't last long as one of the trainers hit George when he attacked another puppy.
Please help

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Feb 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Are the other dogs on or off leash? I do know that when a leashed dog is approached by an off leash dog, the leashed dog can feel threatened because he may feel like he has no way of escape. I would just keep a wide berth around other dogs. I know my JRT is aggressive with certain dogs, and I just try to avoid conflict.

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