Robbin's Rescued Russells - Tess

by Robbin
(June Lake, California, USA)

This picture is of my daughter Kaycie and "Tessa From Odessa" or TESS as she is affectionately called. She is a Jack Russell that was in a high kill rate shelter. The shelter wasn't sure of the exact date but sometime during her five days at the shelter, she had a litter of seven puppies all alone, in a noisy shelter, on a cold hard concrete floor.

I was contacted by the shelter asking if I could rescue this new mom and her pups. I was so compelled by her story that I made the six hour drive (one way) to the shelter and filled out the necessary paperwork and waited for the shelter worker to bring my newly rescued family to my van.

They brought this female who was skinny, covered in ticks and fleas, and with a terrified look in her eyes like I had never seen before. As I was placing her in my van the shelter worker thanked me and started to walk away. I said wait, there are seven puppies that I am supposed to pick up with her. The worker shook his head and said they were no longer available.

I asked what "No longer available" meant? His response was that they were PTS the day before. I got her out of the crate and sat there in the parking lot holding her and crying. Telling her how sorry I was that this had happened. I also promised her that no one would ever been cruel to her and she would never be neglected ever again. The only way I knew that my promise would be kept was to adopt her as one of my personal dogs.

That was almost four years ago. She is very loyal and and a very sweet little girl. She is still somewhat timid and reserved by Jack Russell standards. But she is gaining confidence and she will be competing in the Novice Adult Go To Ground class at a few JRTCA sanctioned Terrier Trials later this year. I feel fortunate and am very grateful that she is a valued member of my family.

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Feb 11, 2011
Tears to my eyes!
by: Susan

Oh my gosh, what a heart wrenching story! You are woman after my own heart, I have had 3 rescued "free" dogs from various "homes". Each of whom wound up having heartworms so they needed treatment. There was never any question of whether to do the treatment or not, just how fast we could do it. My last rescue was a JRT, I am a convert! Keep rescuing, Robbin!

Mar 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

God bless you for being a wonderful owner, Tess deserves an owner like you

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