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Roger Simone

by Roger

MY JRT has recently started running home shortly after commencing her walk. its as if she is somehow spooked, despite having harassed me to take her out. This is unusual for her and has been happening for about a month. I'm worried because twice she has bolted and zigzagged a busy road before i could catch her.

Please help.

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Feb 20, 2014
Jack Russell running home from walk
by: Adam

Are you using a lead or leash with her? Where are you walking her? (Park, around the block, etc)

This is fairly common in dogs who have anxiety issues. When given the chance to free roam they will go to a safe place (In this case home).

The best way to handle this is to keep her on the lead for a few months to get him used to the other dogs and people. Invest in a longer lead so she has more freedom to move around but not enough to simply go home. Encourage him to find things to do, by bringing along chew toys or a Kong to keep him busy so she has less time to be anxious.

When you do take her off the lead do so in short incriments......should she head toward home call her back immediately and put her back on the lead with a firm NO. As she gets better at staying increase the time she is off the lead until it is no longer needed.

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