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Rolling seizure

by Terri

My male jack Russell Scotty is 10 in June. He has a half sister Michelle who is 12 in June who started suffering with seizures regularly from about 2 or 3 years of age. We solved her problem by not allowing her to drink beer (yes I know-but a friend gave it to her when she was little so she used to have a little every now & then) once this was stopped she only has the occasional fit probably once every 3 or so months but it eliminates her from having drugs full time.) Scotty is a pretty cruisey character & has a sensitive stomached & He has always been sick off & over the years - we have since changed his diet once again. To try & combat this issue as Michelle was throwing up every few days as we'll, so for the last month they have been having 1 tablespoon of lactose free yoghurt in the morning & 1 roo tail bit (about an inch in size) & a blend of organic raw meat either roo, chicken or tuna sometimes beef mixed with raw beet root, & carrot, sometimes I will add kale or sweet potato dependant on organic veggies available - I also mix about a teaspoon of slippery elm powder in it just before serving it to them, they love it - they both seem very healthy & happy with no vomiting & Scottys joints seem a bit better as well. ok now you have the background. After our walk this morning (missed last couple of days due to bad weather) they had there breakfast & Scotty started to get off his chair & could not stop rolling over & over I picked him up to try & calm him after a few minutes he was a little wobbly but ok.... What could this be, nothing like a fit I have seen before. I am worried they are precious could it be the change of diet. I checked his pupils & at first I didn't see a response but I may have been doing it wrong as when my husband did it they reacted well.
Any ideas? Or with any luck it could be a one off thing.

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