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Romeo's Bark

by marianne

I just adopted a Jack Russel who is the biggest MOOSH=lover boy! You go to pet him he roles on his back to be pet on his belly....I have him 3 weeks and maybe have heard him bark 3 times which are very soft. I have heard the are hyper dogs thou this one is just a lover...hence we named him Romeo!Anyway anything we should be foncernef about if he doesn't bark? I have a seven year old lab who barks at the door the bell and cars ...when Romeo hears him bark he sometimes runs with him or sometimes hides under something.

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Feb 14, 2014
Jack not barking much
by: Gretta

What a great name for a little lover like your Jack. He sounds just precious. Some dogs are simply blessed with quiet, laid-back personalities and easy-going temperaments. It could also be that this is the "honeymoon" period where he is getting adjusted to his new surroundings and hasn't quite found his "voice" yet. Not sure if Romeo was a rescue dog. With rescue dogs, you may not know their background and they could have been abused for barking. I have a feeling that Romeo is more of the laid back kind of dog though and is just a soft spoken fellow at heart. I wouldn't worry too much about it. In fact, I would love it if my Jack barked less :-) Enjoy your new little guy!

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