Roscoe the Jack Russell Terrier

Roscoe is a 9 month old JRT who loves to view things from his thrown. He's "King of Camelot", when it comes to his back yard. Outdoors is the place to be! Give him a frizby, some dirt, a ball or birds (that he has yet to catch) and you will have a happy little dog. I love my JRT!

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Sep 20, 2011
Love this Pic!
by: Bowser & Brie's Mommy

Makes me smile, as all JRT's do. I'll post some of mine soon!

Sep 15, 2011
by: Sue, Staffordshire UK

Ah, he does look so proud your Roscoe.
And oh yes, I second Rebeccas comments!! You only have to mention there's a pidgeon poopin in the garden & my 2 JRTs Roxy and Ziggys little legs are running out the door to the back garden. My Ziggy is just like Roscoe for climbing onto the patio table as well, bless em!
They make such alot of noise that the pidgeon always escapes safely before they reach the garden! :-)

Aug 29, 2011
King Roscoe
by: Rebecca

Roscoe sounds like my JRT - Birds, backyard, chasing and DIRT! I love that picture of him watching over his turf!

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