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by Rosemary Altiere
(North Kingstown, RI USA)

We have a wonderful JR - purchased when he was 8 months old - about 9 months ago - from a great breeder - he is smart and handsome.
From the beginning he seemed totally attached to my husband - my husband loves playing with him - they have enjoyed each other and still do except for one issue which developed about 2 weeks ago. The dog "Jagger" - will now growl and gently but firmly snap at my husband when he is petting him - for no apparent reason.
We now have my husband feed him and are trying to figure this out.
This dog is not terribly fond of men - loves women.
He is a great dog - we love him - frankly I do not 100% trust him - would not trust him with little children and we are very careful when strangers come to the house.
For the most part he is a wonderful animal - we have used private trainers - now we are taking him to doggie play groups, etc. Will get him into agility training - he loves to play soccer - watch other dogs on computer and TV - he is lots of fun - but the dog/owner issue is troublesome.

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Feb 20, 2013
Jack Russell suddenly biting
by: Farrah

Have you had your Jack checked out by a vet to make sure there is nothing medically wrong? Sometimes when dogs are in pain they can lash out by biting or snapping.

I know you got your Jack from a reputable breeder but it's hard to know what happened in your pups first months of life and maybe something did happen that made him be a bit distrustful. I would make sure you a very consistent with Jagger. Keep walks on a set schedule, plenty of vigorous exercise and consistent run through of obedience drill - which your husband should probably do to reestablish dominance. I think you mention agility, that would be great as well! Also make sure that when you go for walks, that you make him sit and then you enter or exit first. Also make him work for any food by sitting and waiting (for dominance reasons).
Have your husband sit at Jaggers level before any kind of petting. Let Jagger sniff him first, have your husband extend his hand for more sniffing. You might even want to pet, praise and then reward with a treat. Have your husband keep a very calm low slow voice and be at his level for pets.

Hope that helps!

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