Grooming a Rough Coat Jack Russell Terrier

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Anyone who owns a Rough Coat Jack Russell Terrier will know the amount of time and effort taken up by grooming them, but those thinking about introducing one of these most enjoyable of dogs into their home might not be aware. Essentially, there are three different reasons to groom a Rough Coat JRT: to enhance the dog’s appearance, to ensure that the dog is comfortable and – most importantly of all – to ensure that the dog’s coat remains healthy throughout its life.

The last point is, as stated, the most important. Many dog owners don’t realize the importance of a coat when it comes to their dog’s health and this unintentional ignorance can often lead to a dog that isn’t as healthy as it could be. Without it being groomed, the hair can become long and not only lead to the dog being hot and uncomfortable, but also towards it having hair obstructing its vision and even attracting dirt and other unsanitary items, which can lead to illnesses! Just like you and I getting a haircut to stay comfortable, it is the same for a Rough Coat Jack Russell Terrier.

How to Groom a Rough Coat Jack Russell Terrier

There are a number of different opinions when it comes to grooming a Rough Coat JRT, but the most prevalent disagreement in technique arises when people talk about plucking the hair instead of cutting it. Many people believe that plucking the hair of a Rough Coat JRT ensures that dead hair is not left on the skin of the dog – something that will lead to a healthier coat and therefore a happier dog. While this is debatable, one thing is certain though: grooming your dog this way will lead to uneven hair growth and therefore you won’t be able to enter the dog into any competitions or such like.

The other method of grooming a Rough Coat JRT is the more conventional way, and this is using a good old fashioned pair of scissors and a comb. This method ensures that all hair ends up the same length and that therefore the dog looks perfectly presentable straight after grooming – as well as has a far shorter coat than plucking provides! It is also a lot quicker than plucking, so is perfect for the Rough Coat JRT owner who is strapped for time! Whether you choose to cut or pluck though, there are a few different things that remain essential. The first of these is to talk to your Rough Coat JRT throughout the process, with the aim of keeping him calm and therefore making the cutting process easier and also more accurate. The other is to make sure that the dog has a stable surface to stand on – putting the dog on a table might upset him and cause distress. It is usually easiest to place the dog on the floor and come down to his level, however uncomfortable this is!

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