by Tyler
(North carolina)

Just found out my dog has roundworms.... :( I keep her inside and she only 8 weeks old. Just wondering if I should put her outside until she gets better or is it ok for her to stay in? It's very sad!!! Any help or tips would be appreciated very much!!!

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Jul 13, 2010
re: roundworms
by: Lucky Jacks

dogs can get worms from fleas. Is your dog on a good flea prevention schedule? Leaving your dog outside won't really help. If your dog has fleas most likely your yard does too and can still get worms from biting the fleas. Get capstar and then within 24 hours apply frontline. Also during this time, treat your yard and your carpets.
Good Luck!

Lucky Jacks
Quality Jack Russell Terriers

Mar 26, 2010
Jack Russell roundworms
by: Tom

Hi Tyler,

Sorry to hear about your dog's illness. Hopefully she has a quick recovery. I don't think you need to leave her outside - if you're worried she might be contagious, it's not something you need to be concerned about. Just give her some TLC and look after her till she's better.

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