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Sad , Reserved JRT

by Betty
(Muskogee, OK, US)

We have resecued a female full blood pointer, and a female chahuahua terrier mix and an old tom cat that comes and goes. They all get along very well. About four days ago I found a small male JRT running loose on the streets and brought him into my home. He is so well behaved, potty trained and well mannered. He is friendly, but he is so reserved and watchfull and seems so sad. He keeps trying to escape. I caught him twice and I have blocked up every exit, but I feel its just a matter of time and he just waiting for my guard to let down to try and escape. He's not afraid of anything or my other pets. He interacts with them pleasantly but from a distance. Since this place is new to him, do you think his behavior will improve on sadness and do you think he will ever stop trying to escape? HELP!

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May 03, 2013
by: Mike

I think you should try to find his/her owner. If I lost either of mine god forbid I would be devastated and just maybe the JRT you have found feels sad and missing its owner. JRT's are very loyal and worry badly if they are separated from loved ones.

Find the little fella's home and make him happy again.

May 02, 2013
Poor Doggy
by: TJC

I feel for you and your new JRT friend. I have to say however that I feel your new friend should get back to his rightfull owner, don't you think? I don't know about you but, I paid a few bucks for our JRT and we have spent a ton of time / a lot of hours and energy trying to train him so he fits in with our lifestyle. The little fellas are a lot of work, but we feel they are worth every minute of it. The previous owner of your new friend probably feels the same way.By the sounds of it, the previous owners put a fair a bit of time training him / her as well. I am guessing that the JRT escaped and the previous owners are looking for him / her frantically. Plus, maybe the new guy (JRT) could be home sick too? Maybe that's why he looks so sad and stand - off ish? I know you will do the right thing...

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