Sadie Rae IV

by Michael
(Tucson AZ USA)


My first dog ever was a Jack Terrier. Her name was Courtney Rae Sunshine Super Sport Deluxe Doggy.

I got Courtney when she was about 8 weeks old. She was the most loving thing that I ever experienced. We had a blast. I use to tell her that she didn't have to do anything, as she was born famous at birth. Yep, born famous at birth. She would look at me and say, do you think you are going to have a calm day? I am action packed and ready for adventure. Look out world! Courtney is here. I had Courtney for 12 years and 10 days. She developed heart desease, and I had to let her go. I tried everything in my power to save her, but I could not. The day I took her in, I wanted to die, it was so hard, as I loved her more than life itself. What a wonderful life she was. A true gift from God. I always say that it is no wonder that dog spelled backwards is God.

I was so sad, really missing her, and feeling that aweful void not having that bundle of love around me.

I started to search for another Jack Terrier. I looked at a bunch of beautiful little pups.

One day I was talking to my friend Brendan, who worked as a vet tech. He suggested that maybe I adopt a Jack Terrier, and that Courtney would probably really like it that I was helping out one of her brothers or sisters.

The next thing I knew, low and behold, I found Sadie Rae IV. She was online at a Jack Russell Terrier Rescue. I knew when I saw her that we would be instant pals. I adopted her
in memory of Courtney Rae, and also for my extreme love for the breed. I gave her Courtney's middle name of Rae.

Sadie is such a little sweetheart, and I love her dearly! She is a tri coat rough coat. I live in Tucson AZ. Every morning and evening we take a nice long brisk walk. Everyone has come to know Sadie, and I can always here them saying, here comes that cute little Sadie Rae. When we are walking, she will always stop in front of each person we come accross. She will sit right down in front of them, and greet them, first one person, and then the next. They reach down and pet her, and then she moves over to the next one and sits down right in front of them.

Sadie just turned 8 years old. What another wonderful gift of life. How lucky can I be?

I could go on and on about these little animals of Greatness, but there are not enough sheets of paper to say all the good and wonderful things about Jack Russell Terriers.

Want an awesome dog? I mean an AWESOME dog! Get yourself a Jack Terrier. Remember that they are a full house, but a house is so empty without one.

Thank you for reading my story! God Bless You Courtney Rae, and Wecome Home Sadie Rae.

Mike and Little Sadie Rae, in Tucson AZ
I am smiling ear to ear right now, knowing that I was able to tell my story about these two wonderful dogs in my life.

I use to tell Courtney, and I still tell Sadie, that they are not really dogs, but, instead people, who accidentally were born in a dog's body.

God Bless All Jack Russell Terrier's!

I am still writing.................

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Jun 27, 2011
Hello Marion and Henry
by: Mike and Sadie Rae

Dear Marion and Henry,
thank you for your nice words! Sadie and I hope you are doing well.
Ireland, seems like a long ways away.
Have a nice day!
Mike and Sadie Rae IV

Sep 01, 2010
A Ray of Sunshine
by: Marion

Hello Mike,

thank you for this wonderful story.
I adopted a Jack from a rescue Organisation here in Ireland. I am so thankful for the fact that we got him. I lost an other dog a year ago and was heartbroken, but Henry helped me, so I can smile again. You are right they are great personalities. I hope we can lots of years together, Henry and I.

Bless you and Sadie.

Marion and Henry,

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