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by Sarah

Hi There, I have a two year old jack Russell called Toby. I also have two children ages 3 and 1. We have had Toby since he was 8 weeks and love him dearly, he is an exceptional dog in most ways but has always been very verbal and growls all the time. I am very strict with the children and make sure they respect our dogs and would never be allowed to torment the dogs, but at the same time children are full of energy and can sometimes be over playful at times. Toby does love kids and will run around at my three year olds feet all day.

Over the past three days Toby has snapped at both children, the children were playing with him but I feel his reaction was quite overboard as he could have run out into the garden and he was not being hurt at all or made uncomfortable (my 1 year old was trying to stroke him but is clumsy but is all wavy arms making the jack feel threatened I suppose). I am torn as I feel have to consider rehoming him but I also want to exhaust every other option before doing so, any recommendations would be great, I have been told maybe to put a muzzle on him? what muzzle would be suitable for all day use (if any).

Please note I would not make him wear a muzzle and let the kids mess him around, I am really very strict and believe dogs shouldn't be pulled around by kids.

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Aug 28, 2013
maybe hes unwell?
by: Jemma

Hi, seems like you're in a tricky situation (but respect for the time/effort you're putting into this).

If it's just recent perhaps he's unwell and is being more protective of himself? has he showed any other signs - off his food/quieter??.

i dont think he should wear a muzzle all day.

hope it works out for you! i couldnt imagine getting rid of my annoying jack russells! x

Aug 04, 2013
Jacks and kids
by: Wendy

Have your thought about bringing in a pet behaviorist? That is usually the best way to do it. A muzzle is really a temporary fix and doesn't always get at the true behavior. Another thing might be to take Toby to an obedience class to work on socialization and then carry that over to the home environment. Also, always supervise Toby around the children and maybe think about separating him from the kids during their "free play". I would try those things first and then think about rehoming if that doesn't seem to be working.

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