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Scooting across Iowa with mom

by D Willett
(Boone, IA, USA)

Waiting Out The Storm With Mom

Waiting Out The Storm With Mom

My little Ukiayah is such an awesome friend. At the last minute I decided to visit some friends who were camping in Back Bone State Park some 5 hours away... 8 if you take a scooter and a four legged friend. Our way there was awesome... the way home we visited many undersides of overpasses while the rain soaked everything in sight. The filter got wet, the spark plug went bad, a hose split, and Ukiayah and I ended up making friends with every redneck mechanic in North East Iowa. None had seen a dog on a scooter... few had even seen a scooter. We were quite the conversation piece as we found different folks that had a very willing heart to help, but little knowledge. The two of us finally found someone that knew how to help. We rode in trucks, semi's, and more trying to find all we needed to get back on the road. Ukiayah was the perfect gentleman as his four paws and wagging tail charmed our way in to favors. Finally we were on the road again! We had finally dried out in the wind and the sun that finally appeared, when we saw familiar sights that lead us home. However, our final test was a sudden downpour just a mile from our house. We slip slided our way down the gravel road that lead to the warmth of home. We snuggled under a blanket the rest of the night together and were glad for the adventure, but even gladder we were home!

PLEASE HELP ME FIND HIM! Ukiayah ran off with my beagle just before a snowstorm hit one week ago (Jan. 30, 2011). I've tried everything I can think of to get the word out so I can bring him home to me. Please email me if you have seen him! We live near Boone and Ogden Iowa. Thank you! I miss him so much!

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Sep 30, 2011
Did you ever find your darling one(s)?
by: Mikey Likey's Mum

Did you ever find your darling one(s)? Not sure if the beagle was missing too or if it came back right away. I do so pray you are all safe and sound at home now.

Years and years ago, I had a dear one break through her gate during a sudden, unexpected, non-forecasted thunderstorm. She left her large, warm, dry, secure *dog-house* to run away to parts forever unknown.

It was heart-wrenching and devestating and to this day I wonder, did she meet her early demise somewhere on the nearby highway or did she hopefully find some kind person(s) to give her a loving home where she lived out the good life to a ripe old age? I pray the latter.

It's the never knowing that was the hardest for so long. I even went to an animal communicator to get reassurance that she was okay and didn't hate me for leaving her outside that day. I just didn't know. It was supposed to be pretty. I thought she was nice and secure there.

Never, never again would I leave one outside without me home, under any condition. I was so young foolish and inexperienced, ignorant in the many dangers to an animal in a fenced-in area w/o supervision.

This should be about you and your baby though. Please post an update for us. Praying you've good news.

Feb 11, 2011
I feel your pain!
by: Susan

I pray for your pups and hope that they come home to you safe and sound very soon! I have a Jack Russell Terrier myself and know how he loves to run! My heart leaps out of my chest whenever he runs off, he never really runs off from home but there is no catching him if he does not want to come home yet! I posted your picture and message on my FB page. Good luck!

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