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Scruffy Brave Heart

by C

Scruffy Brave Heart from HAWS Shelter, WI

Scruffy Brave Heart from HAWS Shelter, WI

I have a English Pointer. She's a prim and proper lady.

My son has Scruffy.........he is anything but prim and proper. He's sweet, loveable, and endeared me to him the minute he walked into the HAWS WISCONSIN SHELTER ADOPTION ROOM and promptly peed on my leg!

(It was the jeans leg that Lucy likes to lean and rub against).

The shelter people thought this incident was going to mean back to the dungeon for Scruff (then known as Reese) but no, I know dog language and Scruff was marking me as belonging to him.

What to say about this 23 pound little dog with a Napoleon Bonaparte complex.

He guards Lucy, who is twice his weight. Sleeps with Jack Cat and even has the biker's respect on the next street over.

He is smart, listens, now doesn't bark cause I've told him "I'll come down there and get you and pick you up in front of the whole neighborhood." (He likes being treated like a big dog, gosh don't call him little).

Strong, when he pulls on the leash, (sees a rabbit, squirrel or other critter he goes nuts). Feels like a executioner has had my body on the rack.

In reality, he's sweet and secretly loves to be kissed, cuddled and loved. He also likes to be told how big and handsome he is.

Scruff is my son's dog and he is moving into his first home in 1-1/2 weeks with Scruff.....not far but now I won't be able to kiss him goodnight or good morning first thing.

Hope they visit a lot. There is nothing like our little Scruffy Brave Heart.

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Sep 04, 2013
Scruffy Brave Heart
by: Dave

It's always the tough guys that are softies at heart. Sounds like Scruffy has a Napolean complex but with a heart of gold. It's probably a good thing that your son has got his own place now but I can tell just how much your will miss Scruffy. I hope he is at frequent visitor at your house!

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