Top Tips for Dealing With Separation Anxiety in Jack Russell Terriers

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Separation Anxiety in Jack Russell Terriers: As most dog owners will already know, the Jack Russell Terrier is a social animal; an animal that would live in packs should it be left in the wild. As they are generally kept as pets though, the family around them becomes their pack – meaning that they are an integral part of their social behavior. This means that should the “pack” suddenly disappear, then anxiety can occur.

When the dog’s pack disappears, they feel like they have been left alone to fend for themselves and often panic. They don’t have the intelligence to realize straight away that you will return, so believe that they have suddenly lost one of the most important aspects of their life. This can lead to a number of destructive behaviors, such as the “digging” of carpet near to doors and sometimes even to them losing control of their bodily functions. This means that separation anxiety in Jack Russell Terriers is something that must be tackled immediately.

There are a number of different solutions to the problem of separation anxiety though, with the most common discussed below…

Create a Comfortable Environment

When looking to combat separation anxiety in JRTs, the most important thing is to ensure that they have everything that they need to be comfortable while you are away. This means that they should have sufficient water and also a place to go to get away from it all, such as a bed hidden under the stairs. It is also important to leave a number of different stimuli in the house, which can include leaving toys scattered around or even leaving the television on to keep them company – they often find the sound of a human voice to be comforting.

Drop your Intensity

Dog owners often can’t help but make a fuss of their dog when they leave the house, but what they don’t understand is that this only increases the chances of separation anxiety in Jack Russell Terriers. By getting them excited, they miss you that much more when you do go, so try to make leaving the house a process without fanfare. In fact, the best way to leave is to simply ignore the dog – this will make you feel bad for a while but will be infinitely better for the Jack Russell’s state of mind!


There’s no point in expecting your Jack Russell Terrier to immediately allow you to go out for hours on end without suffering from separation anxiety. That is why it is important to treat separation anxiety in Jack Russell Terriers in stages. The owner should first only go out for a minute or so and then return before the anxiety kicks in. They should then lengthen this period over time, therefore showing the dog that you always return and that there is nothing to be concerned about! Also, reward the dog when you return if they have behaved, but never scold them if they have caused damage through their anxiety.

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