Separation Anxiety

by Jenn

We adopted a 1 year old Beagle Jack Russell mix 2 weeks ago. He is having terrible separation anxiety. He sleeps in his crate like a champ, but when left alone for 10 minutes he tore up his bed and managed to somehow get the tray out of the crate, breaking it in the process. A few days later we tried again. 10 minutes and he’d torn up the blanket we’d put in there.

He loooooves my husband best. My daughter spends the most time with him, so she’s his second favorite. The 2 of them left to go run a few errands and he barked and paced and cried for 40 minutes. And he’s not even in the crate. They just aren’t here. He’d calm down for a few seconds if I pet him. He’s now asleep in his little bed because I think he exhausted himself!

We’ve got 5 weeks til my daughter goes back to school and he has to be crated for several hours per day. Any suggestions? We’d really like to be able to all 3 leave the house together again!

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